Tuesday, April 19, 2011

GC/Tutorial Tuesday: Azumarill Amigurumi - With Pattern!

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I am a girl with a one track mind, and the tracks have shifted this week. I'm still hella-excited about the new series of Dr Who coming up, but that kind of obsession takes energy, which I do not have!... anyhow this week, my mind is on Pokemon!!

I've recently started (re-started) Pokemon Pearl. I'm a DS-aholic and I cannot afford either Pokemon black/white OR a new 3DS (and I'm quite suspicious that a 3DS might melt my brain... ) So I'm hoping Pearl will keep me occupied until those two ships have sailed... anyhow... enough about me... lets talk about crafts!

Craftster user and blogging superstar WolfDreamer . stitched up this adorable Azumarill Amigurumi. As she says in her craftster post:

"I figured this one is perfect for Easter. Part Easter egg, part bunny"

I figure you're right WolfDreamer! ... But wait!! there's more!! WolfDreamer has also made the crochet pattern availiable for free on her blog!!... I love it when bloggers do that... now all I need to do is learn to crochet...

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  1. That is indeed a very funky pattern. Thanks for sharing. I wonder if you get the time to learn to crochet and make the pokemon for free too? Now that would be magic!!! :)