Saturday, July 21, 2012

Finished: Wrap Conversion Ring Sling

Full tutorial to come but here's some glamour shots of me and my boy in a Ring Sling I made for a friend. And a little information about what a ring sling is! haha

A ring sling is a 2 mertre long piece of fabric with 2 strong, unwelded rings sewn into one end. You thread the fabric though the rings to create an adjustable 'hammock' where you can safely and securely carry your baby.

This sling is made from a Storchenwiege Ulli Woven Wrap :-) beautiful colours!


  1. Love love love! Can't wait for the tutorial!

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  3. Baby slings give your baby the developmental benefits of intimacy and physical closeness to you and now it's time to include your man in the fun of a baby carrier. Baby will experience the conversations and viewpoint of Daddy now as well as that of Mummy. Baby can hear dad's heartbeat, and daddy's voice and will build important lifelong bonds.