Friday, May 20, 2011

Craft Swaps: OTT Star Wars Swap - Sent - Embroidery Case Tutorial!!

So! I sent this for the Star Wars OTT swap:

 (Death Star for illustration purposes only :-) )

I liked it so much I made myself one too!!

The pieces you will need are as follows:
2x circles (interfaced) - I used a side plate with a 8 1/4 inch diameter
2x long side pieces (1.5x28 inches)
2x short side pieces (5 1/2x3 3/4 inches)
LONG zip, doesn't matter too much how long as long as it goes most of the way around your circle.

2x circles (with or without interfacing depending on quality of fabric. I did mine without.) - same size as outer.
2x long side pieces (1.5x28 inches)
2x short side pieces (5 1/2x3 3/4 inches)
Pocket piece - semi circle same size as other circular pieces with around 1 inch added to straight side for hemming.
Wrist strap (3x12 inches)
3 Needlebook pieces (5x4 inches) (5x6 inches) and (5x8 inches)

My Embellishments:
My labels and my Star Wars decal were made by interfacing fabric and then using iron on ink jet transfer paper to transfer the design, REALLY easy to do, and the possibilities are endless for you to customise this up any way you like.

EDIT: the image is from Deviant Art user Jasonpal - you should check out his gallery, it's great work! the speech bubbles were ALL my idea :-)

The Method:

Please let me know if you've used my tutorial, I'd love to see what other people have made using this design <3!!

x G


  1. This is AWESOME! The Man Friend is demanding an embroidered Death Star now that he saw this, BTW... So cool!

  2. @gingermakes haha thanks :-) when my Husb0t saw me embroidering the death star his face lit up too :-D

  3. I love, love, love this craft. Did you design the "I love embroidery" picture yourself? It's fantastic!

  4. @DarthSqurl ah - good point! it's a great picture right? but unfortunately no, I got it from deviantart user Jasonpal - I'm going to add a credit and a link on the post...

    however the speech bubbles were ALL my idea :-) I added them in on MS Word (haha) and printed the whole thing off on iron on transfer paper for the decal :-) thanks for looking!

  5. this is pretty much the greatest thing i've ever seen, and I NEED one!

  6. Hi! loved the Death Star, have you got a pattern? if so, could you send it to me?


  7. I love this- such a funny picture- I need to make my own!!

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  9. Thanks for the tutorial! I'm using it to make a Pendant of Life purse for my Legends of the Hidden Temple costume this Halloween. Just because I'm wearing a helmet and knee pads doesn't mean I'm down with wearing a fanny pack.