Saturday, June 30, 2012

Oh My! Lady Geek of the Week!

I was featured as Lady Geek of the Week on Being Geek Chic

I have a kind of blogging solipsism which means that I'm always more than mildly surprised when anyone actually reads my blog. So thanks so much Being Geek Chic! I'm quite flattered!

A also like the phrases:
"not your average knit one, pearl two how-to blog"
"balance between your inner June Cleaver and self-proclaimed soul-sister Betty Friedan"

I need to find out who June Cleaver and Betty Friedlan are but I'm sure that was a nice thing to say (I know... I'm rubbish, right?!)

So THANKYOU Being Geek Chic and I PROMISE that next time you send me an e-mail I WILL reply!! haha 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hello World (Again!)

have you missed me?!

My life is very unpredictable at the moment, along with the usual ups and downs of having a 10 month old baby, I'm also trying to earn money by supply teaching... it has good days and bad days, and far too many days where I get up and get ready only not to be given any work that day :-(

Anyhow, it does no one any good to focus on the negatives.

Squiggle is doing fantastically well, he's 26.5lb! (that's BIIIG) he's got his two bottom teeth, he's crawling and standing up on furniture!

He likes to dance:

Anyhow. I'm making an effort to get back online, and do more stuff for myself. Sort out my life a little bit... you know :-)

So... see you soon with some content!

Friday, June 01, 2012

Folkclore Crafts - Blog Book Tour!!!

Declaration of vested interest: I'm IN these freaking BOOKS!!!
So please understand that this post is completely and utterly biased! :D

Buy the books here

Welcome to any readers coming over from ... pull up a chair! make yourself comfortable!

I'm so excited guys! I've got a project in each of these books, the debut publications from fabulous publishing.
And read further for a chance to win Folklore Crafts Matryoshka!