About GeekySweetheart

Day Job
In my days I teach Religious Studies and philosophy in a Secondary school up to A level (for you non-brits thats kids aged 11-18). Just to clear up any confusion this does NOT mean I'm religious, I'm a very happy agnostic. I'm married (as of August 2010) and I'm currently pregnant, which is ... interesting. I'm very much looking forward to my little Squiggle arriving in July 2011!!

Crafting/blogging etc.
my main 'home' blog is Geeky Sweetheart. I post on there regularly about my projects and other stuff that peaks my crafty interest. I also keep in touch with people through my facebook page, so please go on and 'like' me if you're curious as to what I'm up to.

I also have the honour of blogging for Geekcrafts.com and I'm always on the lookout for cool things to feature on Mondays (submit them here) and tutorials to feature on Tuesdays.

Since I've become pregnant and my crafty energies are soon to be focused on baby related gubbins I've also started Teensy Geek to keep track of all that I'm discovering on the way.

I hope to soon set up an etsy shop, get nice .com domains for my blogs and become an internet craft celebrity... well...you know what I mean :-)