Monday, April 25, 2011

GC: Reader Submission. Pop Tab Prom Dress

Proud father Steve Pozek sent GeekCrafts some lovely pictures of his (stunning) daughter Maura Pozek who created a truly unique prom dress. Looking at the full length picture (right) you don't quite get the scope of how awesome this dress truly is. Yes, look closely, this prom dress is woven out of pop tabs, ribbon - and, I'm guessing - a whole lotta blood, sweat and tears.

See the full post over at

Pop the top on another energy drink and make a Prom dress? Sure, why not? This
dress uses 400 yards of ribbon, nearly 4000 pop tabs, and the patience of 100
hours of tedious weaving (sort of like writing code, only more boring and

As the proud parent, I watched my 16 year old daughter surrounded by her laptop,
a Netflix subscription, and cellphone (for that all important texting), labor
over this work of art.


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