Wednesday, March 30, 2011

PM: Penguin Cup

I know... this is a little premature... my little Squiggle is 24 weeks gestation TODAY and he/she wont be able to handle something like this for a while... but when you see it, you'll understand!

£1.50!!! (dudes that's $2.40 USD!!!) This is clearly the cutest piece of baby crockery in the WORLD and it's MINE!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!


  1. Cute blog!! I saw your comment over at Grosgain Fabulous and nearly shot Dr Pepper out my nose from laughing. I needed a good laugh. Thanks for that. :] (Well, except the part where my nose hurts.)

  2. @Brittany Lynn HAHA! :-) awesome, well, I hope your nose doesn't hurt for too long :D Thanks for popping over to have a look