Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Project Maternity - lesson 1 - Don't trust the internet [fabric]

FABRIC HAS ARRIVED!!! woooooooooohooo!!!.... well... kinda

ok... those are 2 different greens... *facepalm*... actually it's COMPLETELY my fault! I'm blaming the internet but the internet only does what it's told... let's review.
actual fabric:

fabric as advertised on website:

now... they do look like similar colours on the photos... but any old fool knows that cameras alter the quality of colours, as do computer monitors... but what I can't forgive myself for is the stripe-disparity! and there's NO excuse for that! one picture has a tape measure next to it so I can SEE that the stripes are tiny tiny, not as big as they clearly are against the dressform...

pssht.. you live you learn, I'll still use it :-) but I'm going to have to do it the old fashioned way and take a sample of the bright green stripes to a fabric shop somewhere and find a matching jersey.. I need stretch for these waistbands!!!

nevermind... lets gaze lovingly at this beauty!!
mmmmmmmmmmmm :-) this pattern, with these colours,  makes me SO happy... this fabric is going to very much enjoy being 'quirky maternity skirt' Micheal Miller I want your fabric babies!

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