Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Know anything about sewing machine feet?

I'm looking for help identifying some sewing machine feet. I believe them all to be screw on and quite old.
this is my sewing machine.
I do have other sewing machines if they won't fit on this one... but this one's my favourite...

here are the feet!

Here are my guesses
1 - roll hem?
2 - freehand embroidery
3 - ??
4 - another type of roll hem?
5 - something buttonhole-y?
6 - I have another one of these... but I've never used it?
7 - regular sewing foot
8 - some kind of seam guide?
9 - zipper?
10 - I don't know but it looks FABULOUS!

of any of you can enlighten me I will be ETERNALLY grateful!


  1. Think no 4 is a bias binding thing, I have a 6 and have never used it, think its for silky type fabrics. Plastic making it slip through better.
    No 1 is a hemming foot.
    Maybe 3 is a blind hem foot? does it have brushes at one side?I can't see the pictures any bigger.
    God knows what 10 is but it rocks! Just put it on the mantlepiece!!!
    Alternatively go to Burdastyle and ask Katexxxxxx. What she doesn't know about this kind of stuff isn't worth knowing x

  2. thanks thats helpful :-) no brushes on 3... 10 is magnificent though right?

  3. Dunno if your machine can button-hole, but 10 looks like the button holer foot I have for my hand-crank Jones. This lady might be able to help you. She seriously knows her stuff and is really lovely!

  4. Googled some images and think no 10 is a ruffler..

  5. you guys are too awesome, I just tried to attatch 10 to my machine and I can't even sew with it... a ruffler eh?... hmm... either my machines just plain the wrong shape or I'm doing it wrong... anyhow... that gives me somewhere to start looking rather than random trial and error :-) the roll hem foot and the bias binding foot should come in very useful (I completely see the bias-bindingness of it now... can't wait to try it :-) ) I think I've got about 5 buttonhole feet and they all look different? silly bottonholes...

  6. If number 6 has two grooves on the bottom its for sewing invisible zippers. They are really handy.

  7. 10 is a ruffler. The adjustments make different width ruffles.
    9 is a zipper foot. I think you have all the rest now. Sian sent me over ;)

  8. Hello to all. I would to learn how to sew clothes but haven't got an idea how to begin? Obviously I need to get a sewing machine. What type is good for someone who hasn't done much sewing in the past?

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  9. Number 5 is for sewing on Buttons.

  10. You've probably already figured this out, but number 10 is indeed a ruffler. I have the same one for an antique Singer, but it also fits my newer (1980's, lol!) low-shank machine. I was going to scan the instruction booklet, but it seems someone has already done it! Here's the manual:

  11. hahahaaha :) i went to your post hoping to find the answers to 5 & 8 because i am asking everyone i know what these feet do (i found them in my old cabinet) and no one seems to know - just guesses of sewing on buttons for 5 and perhaps a button hole maker for 8.... ???? however, i DO know that 2 is called a free-quilter stitch foot, or free embroidery stitch. you put in on and lower your feed dogs, set your stitch length to zero and i think u have to adjust upper tension (loosen it) but basically this allows you to move your fabric in any direction. the speed you sew will determine your stitch length - watch youtube tutorials. i had always thought of quilters as old farm women making 1800's quilts which didn't interest me, however recently i see there is SO MUCH GREAT stuff you can do with that foot!! its like doodling on fabric - for an artist (aren't all seamstresses artists?) this is a great free hand tool - keep the fabric taut too :)

    1 is definately rolled hem - like you see on slips or silk scarves - very easy to do once you practice a bit, 7 is a zigzag foot, which can be used as straight stitch, but if u have a straight stitch foot its better to use that cuz it presses the fabric better (it looks similar with just a hole for the needle).

    9 is a zipper foot, but i think its considered a blind zipper foot cuz there is another zipper foot.
    good luck finding the others

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  13. Here is a link that tells you what most of these feet are for