Saturday, July 23, 2011

Waiting for my egg to hatch.. ,

This is what I was working on this afternoon:

I don't 'do' painting.. or that is, I don't usually do painting... so this was a good distraction while my 'due date' went by...

going to have a walk round a carboot sale tomorrow, see if I can find anything interesting and hopefully get this baby party started....


  1. They look fab hun...what kind of paints did you use? Did you paint the teapot black?

  2. @Rebecca chalkbord paint!! on the teapot too!!... I'll have to wait and see to see how 'functional' they turn out to be as I got the chapest stuff from wilkinsons. And for the lettering (and the frames - not pictured) I've used emulsion, proper wall paint hahah

  3. Let me know how they turn out, you've really picked my brain with that one, I'm having....ideas lol

  4. @Rebecca SO many uses for chalkboard paint!! haha... will be posting the full method and things I've learned along the way... I want to paint the whole house with the stuff hahaha