Sunday, February 13, 2011

Star Wars Embroidery - finished!

here it is! rock you like a hurricane!


I'm not 100% satisfied with the framing, I just wish I could keep me work in an embroidery frame forever! but in terms of frame jobs I've done so far this is probably the neatest. I have to work harder at getting my grain lines straight in the hoop in the first place, then hopefully it'll keep it's proportions when it's un-hooped (the border is not as straight as I'd like and the top lettering is slightly distorted :-/ )

Anyhow, enough of that, I'm very happy, here's the pattern again:
You're welcome to use it for non-profit/personal use, I'm not giving you the bumble bee because I drew that freehand. Only one thing, if you do use it LET ME KNOW!! I wanna see! Comment on here, e-mail, post on my facebook page, PM me on craftster

Notes to embroiderers: the lettering was done completely in 2 strands of black embroidery floss with backstitch, the bumble bee is all 2 strands too, satin stitch, backstitch for the outlines and french knots for the antennae. The border is completely 3 stands of embroidery floss, the stalks are 'spoke stitch' (essentially backstitch), the leaves are lazy daisy, which is like a singular loose chain stitch. And the 'flowers' are french knots.

I completely have now made my peace with lettering and french knots, onwards and upwards!

x G


  1. So wonderfully geeky, thank you for posting the pattern!

  2. Love love LOVE this! I didn't recognize the quote, but hubby did. I wonder how it would translate to cross stitch, which I am much better at. Hmmm...


  3. FABULOUS DAAAAA'LING! Put this on Aida cloth to straighten the borders....counted cross stitchers can adjust most any part of this easily. I will use cats & dogs for the border....and find various scripts to fit the space.

  4. ow wow, very exciting, can't wait to see!

  5. I did this!! My friend's birthday was last weekend, and I did this pattern on a damask fabric. (with out the border because this was my first embroidery project!) and she LOVED IT!! Only three of us at the table actually got it, which made it even more amusing!!

    Thanks for sharing!!! :D If I can get a picture the next time I see her I will share it here! :D

  6. @Alyssa YEYY!! Aw I'm so glad she loved it!! and I'm honoured that you used my pattern for your first project!! ... if you can get it I'd LOVE to see the picture!

    xxx GS

  7. Amazing!! LOVE this design :)


  8. @ Alex and Cassandra - thanks, I'm working on another one based on a quote from the series "Firefly" (which if you know, you love) and some vintage borders and images :-)