Saturday, January 22, 2011

Space Raiders Fused Plastic Tote

there are lots of tutorials for this technique, and I suggest you look at many different ones, and experiment before trying to make anything aesthetically pleasing. This can go all sorts of wrong, over ironed plastic is not good:
the monster on the right has a bad case of 'plastic pox' on his nose.... it didn't photograph well but its GLARINGLY ugly in real life... anyhow...

Here's a good tutorial from KittyKill, one of the craftster Goddesses

So, no excuses, don't be blaming me if you melt plastic to your iron or pass out from plastic burning fumes, you have been warned!!

The great thing about fused plastic is that once you've done all the ironing you can sew it very much like you would sew fabric, with no worries about fraying edges or grainlines. Just let the fun printed designs do the hard work for you, see exhibit A:

I could have used binbags to fuse to the underside of the plastic and hidden the carrier bags, but I like the 'recycled' look. Also when I'm explaining how it was made it's much easier if I show them the carrier bags on the inside.

My new favourite bag!

x G


  1. Nice
    but there is a risk that your sandwich will pick up the plasticiser chemicals from the bags
    Plasticiser is not good for your health
    I'd use this technique for non-food items

  2. @Anonymous

    I agree.. I wouldnt make the sandwich wraps like in the video, and if I did I'd use disposable sandwich bags to protect the food.

    this bag is jsut for ... stuff... at the moment it's housing my mass of plasics waiting for fusing into other interesting items :-)